Hovercraft being deployed by crane into a harbour


Intertidal takes safety very seriously. Operating safely in challenging environments is made possible by the experience of our personnel and using reliable hovercraft that were developed for the job. Safety is an integral part of planning hovercraft work, and Intertidal works closely with its clients to achieve this, for example through assistance with the preparation of survey plans and risk assessments.

Intertidal is one of the original members of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Hovercraft Industry Working Group. This group developed The Hovercraft Code (CoP 24), which defines the current construction, operation and safety regulations for hovercraft up to 24 metres long.

By offering qualified scientific personnel with the experience to operate hovercraft in difficult environments, we can help deliver your objectives both cost effectively and safely. To date we have carried out over 1000 hovercraft surveys in more than 25 years operations across the UK. During this period there has never been any injury to anybody involved, a fact we remain proud of.